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ICCC Webinar Series - Thursday Talks

When Covid-19 pandemic compelled governments to impose lockdowns, Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce was forced to cancel its programs. To continue engaging our stakeholders and sponsors, but primarily to meet the demand for information of our small business owner members about the pandemic, the impact of the lockdown on their businesses, and information about different government assistance programs, we launched a weekly webinar series – Thursday Talks.

The purpose of these webinars was to help small business owners understand the impact of the pandemic on different sectors. We invited sector experts as panelists and engaged them in lively discussions. The demand for the webinar series was so overwhelming that after the first two webinars, we had to open the access to the webinars on Facebook Live, where, on an average, over 2,000 people routinely participate as an active audience, asking questions, leaving comments, and more significantly, networking virtually through social media.

Creating networking opportunities is one of the goals of the Chamber, and to be able to do so even during the pandemic and the lockdown was a singular achievement.

Here are the videos of the webinar series.

  India  & Covid-19's Second Wave
(29 April)
 Canada's Budget: High on expectations, but will it deliver?
(22 April)
Curtain Raiser to CONNEXT 2021 
(31 March 2021)
 Thursday Talks 2021: Astrology, Vastu & Feng Shui
(25 March)
 Thursday Talks 2021: What is CAMSC
(11 March)
 Thursday Talks 2021: 0 to 100 in 365 Days
(18 February)
Thursday Talks 2021: Digitally Transform or Perish
(4 February)


 Thursday Talks - 2021: State of the Economy
(21 January)
Thursday Talks - 16: Real Estate Investment Opportunities in India
(29 October)
Thursday Talks - 15: From Small Acorns Grow Mighty Oaks
(26 October)

Thursday Talks 14:  Transfer Pricing
(10 September)
Thursday Talks 13: India's New Direction in Education Sector
(20 August)
Thursday Talks -11: Travel: A New Beginning
(25 June)
Thursday Talks -10: Covid-19 & Sports & Entertainment 
(18 June)
Thursday Talks -9: Covid-19 & Insurance
(11 June)
Thursday Talks - 8: Covid-19 & Food Sector
(28 May)
Thursday Talks -7: Covid-19 & Travel, Tourism, Hospitality
(23 May)
Thursday Talks - 6: Covid-19 & Banking
(14 May)
Thursday Talks - 5: Covid-19 & Real Estate
(7 May)

Thursday Talks - 4: Covid 19 & Legal Contracts
(30 April)
Thursday Talks -3: Covid 19 & International Students
(23 April)
Thursday Talks - 2: Covid 19 & Small Business - Part 2
(16 April)

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