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PROGRAM BRIEF: The ICCC is collaborating with Schulich ExecEd of the Schulich School of Business, on a unique project for the Indo-Canadian Community of Ontario.

The ICCC-Schulich Mini-MBA Program: A program specially designed for Indo Canadian entrepreneurs and small business owners. The ICCC-Schulich Mini-MBA will be a fast paced program designed to help Indo Canadians learn specialized business strategies and most current and robust business skills that they can implement to improve their business success. An excellent program for startup leaders who need to learn the business and people-oriented skills that are crucial to growing their company.

This program will allow participants to benefit from the expertise that has made the Schulich MBA the #1 program in Canada and their EMBA one of the best in the world.

This program will be:

  • Completely Online
  • Offered in 3 cohorts starting July, 2024, Sep 2024 and Jan 2025
  • 18 workshops over 3 months
  • Sessions will be held in the evening twice a week from 6-9pm


Sessions include:

  • Leading Change
  • Strategic Management
  • Managing Difficult conversation
  • Inclusive Leadership DEI
  • Marketing and Brand Strategy
  • Trends and Data Visualization
  • HR Management
  • Financial Management
  • Negotiations Strategy
  • Action Learning Project (ALP)


The tuition fee of $10,150+HST is being covered by the Ontario Government, which has provided 100% funding of all tuition and program costs.

Graduates of the ICCC-Schulich Mini-MBA Program will receive a digital badge and a certificate from Schulich ExecEd, Schulich School of Business at York University, Canada’s #1 business school. 

This initiative is open to all Indo Canadians within Ontario and is facilitated virtually to minimize geographic barriers and travel requirements.


Here’s what makes this program ideal for members of the Indo-Canadian community who are looking to enhance their leadership and business skills:

  • Relevant, state-of-the-art subjects tailored to meet the diverse and vibrant Indo Canadian community in Ontario.
  • Convenient virtual classroom sessions: Attend 18 online modules over a three-month learning journey.
  • Access to world-class faculty. Interact with and learn from top-rated Schulich’s MBA and EMBA instructors, consistently ranked among the world’s best
  • Instant enrolment into our Action Learning Project: Apply and synthesize your newly acquired skills to a challenging project that is modeled after the renowned Schulich Strategy Field Study and get feedback from professional experts, and
  • Networking opportunities with highly experienced leaders: Connect with and learn from peers.

Contact: iccc@iccconline.org

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