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About our Councils
The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) has regional Councils across Canada and a representative office in India.

In Canada, the Chamber has councils in Alberta, Vancouver, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Manitoba and internationally (in India, it has a representative in Mumbai).

These councils provide a local forum for Canadian companies and entrepreneurs, and enables linkages between Canadian and Indian firms, local officials and agencies.

The councils are run by individual members, who work closely with the local agencies and organizations.

Councils vary in their structure, depending on their size and locale.

Chamber directors are invited to Board meetings in Toronto and coordinate their activities with the Chamber's national mandate.

Engagement and support of local members within the Councils is highly encouraged to grow the value and impact of each Council.

New councils

The Chamber is open to starting operations in regions where it doesn’t have a council, and where it would be able to meaningfully serve a need of Indo-Canadian businesses to network and grow their business.

If you wish to explore the possibility of starting operations in other parts of Canada, please write to the Chamber at iccc@iccconline.org


If you wish to volunteer in an existing council, write to the council head (their emails are listed on the Contact Us page).

All council volunteers must become members of these councils before being able to volunteer. This requirement is mandatory.

Vancouver • Calgary • Winnipeg • Toronto • Ottawa • Montreal • Halifax