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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship categories
 Annual Sponsorship Package

The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC)'s goal is to foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits Canada and all Canadians. We are looking for partners that share our vision. We have a variety of sponsor packages to suit your organization's unique needs.

The Value of Sponsoring ICCC

  • Brand Awareness, Brand Impressions, and Company Recognition
  • Direct access to Target Market - 'Grassroots', Entrepreneurs, Youth, Families
  • Long-Term Local, Provincial, National, International Exposure
  • Media Exposure - Radio, Newspaper, Television
ICCC has a long-standing relationship with all its sponsors. The Chamber believes that the sponsors make it possible for it to fulfill its mandate and achieve its objectives.

The Chamber offers sponsorship in two broad categories:
  • Annual Sponsorship
  • Event Sponsorship
In the Annual Sponsorship category, the ICCC offers six sponsorship levels:
  • Corporate
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Sector
  • Media
In the Event Sponsorship category, the ICCC offers sponsorship for:
  • Annual Awards & Gala Night
  • Annual Business Expo
  • Annual Charity Golf Classic
  • Signature Events such as Workshops, Seminars, Hard Hats Tour, Speaker Series
To know more about the opportunities available for sponsorship, please call 416-224-0090 and / or write sponsors@iccconline.org

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