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Education, Advanced Skills & Training (EAST)

Committee Members

The ICCC Education, Advanced Skills and Training (EAST) Committee will provide constructive pathway for co-operation in the field of education between Canada and India by promoting and facilitating Higher Education Institutions in the sector.


  • To create bridge and connect decision makers and policy makers on both the sides so that a practical and positive environment is made for such sector ties to grow.
  • To assist skilled newcomers and graduate students with developing their professional networks and with making educated career decisions
  • To raise awareness, provide information and address issues concerning trends in the education sector including international students, local education, special needs education (SEN), internship, vocation training, higher education and skill development.
  • To increase understanding of Canadian workplace culture and the reality of transferring professional designations
  • To strengthen the knowledge of community resources and linkages to settlement services, skill development, job search resources, language and literacy programming among other services

          Vancouver • Calgary • Winnipeg • Toronto • Ottawa • Montreal • Halifax