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Affinity Partner Program

ICCC's Affinity Partners

   Global T20


Drake International

ICCC is pleased to announce an affinity partnership program with Drake International, a global innovator in the field of human resources and talent management, to allow ICCC members access to a wide range of HR Solutions on the INTELLIGENT HELP Portal. INTELLIGENT HELP is an innovative, secure online HR portal designed to meet the HR needs of small and mid-size businesses, quickly & simply.   

This unique portal gives you access to a robust suite of HR solutions and practical expert advice.  Effective and affordable solutions help keep your HR costs low, while ensuring you get the answers you need to keep your business operating at high performance. Additionally, ICCC members have access to informational white papers, topical webinars, and helpful industry articles. 

Enjoy your member access immediately! Visit www.intelligent-help.com and find the solutions to your people issues today!


Economical Insurance Group

Economical Insurance Group is 100% Canadian. It is a financially secure organization with over $2 billion in assets and a surplus of over $800 million to protect its policyholders.  Waterloo Insurance has partnered with over 400 group programs across Canada.

As a member you are entitled to participate in an exciting program which provides savings on your home and auto insurance needs through the Economical Insurance Group.

Visit Economical Insurance Group website. Click here: Economical

St. John's Ambulance

The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce is pleased to affinity partnership program with St. John Ambulance - Peel Branch. Under the affinity partnership program St. John Ambulance and ICCC will collaborate on a multicultural outreach campaign 2012.

The agreement offers following benefits to ICCC members: Special discount: ICCC members will enjoy a special discounted pricing on regular first aid courses offered to the public and corporate clients at the Peel branch of St. John Ambulance. ICCC membes will also be eligible for a 10% discount on the purchase of any first aid product except automated external defibrillation (AED), at the Peel Branch.

Visit St. John's Ambulance website. Click here: St. John's Ambulance


The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce is pleased to affinity partnership program with416Pages.ca is the largest print & online business directory (with the Mobile App) of South Asian community. The upcoming edition of 2016 will feature and promote more than 10,000 businesses and your business will get promoted in six different platforms, such as:

  1. Mobile App
  2. Digital Interactive Screens
  3. Largest Print Directory
  4. High Traffic Website
  5. Huge Social Media Network
  6. Email campaign to large database.
Visit 416pages.ca website. Click here: 416pages.ca

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