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Small & Medium Enterprises


  • To work towards organizing seminars/workshops to facilitate networking and provide specialized information by prominent speakers and subject matter experts from the industry, government or banking.
  • To work closely with prominent Canadian and Indian trade and industry associations, Merchant chambers and other government bodies to serve the common interests of the SME members across the India-Canada corridor.

Director in charge

      • Vikas Sharma, Director, SME, ICCC

The Team:

  • B. K. Sethi, Special Adviser, ICCC's Presidential Secretariat
  • Raman Dua
  • Tarun Basil         
  • Kesh Gelda      
  • Pravin Dalal                        
  • Rajeev Rampal
  • Anureet Kukreja

    Vancouver • Calgary • Winnipeg • Toronto • Ottawa • Montreal • Halifax