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ICCC - IIT-Alumni Canada to work together

02 Nov 2019 6:00 PM | Anonymous
ICCC - IIT-Alumni Canada to work together

Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce and IIT Alumni Canada signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 2 November at the IIT Alumni Canada’s Annual Gala. The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to establish the principles and the basis for increased cooperation between ICCC and IITAC with a view towards strengthening the strategic partnership for the purpose of maximizing the benefits from our mutual interests.

The MoU was signed by Pramod Goyal, President, Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce, and Ashraf Ali, President of the IIT Alumni Canada. Surinder Sharma, Director, Membership Engagement, ICCC, who is also a senior member of IIT Alumni Canada was instrumental in bringing the two organisations together. Mr. Sharma, along with Tauseef Sheikh, Corporate Secretary, ICCC, and Satish Thakkar, Past President, ICCC, and National Convener, Canada India Foundation, were present on the occasion, along with Saifullah Khan, Commercial Consul, Consulate General of India in Toronto.

The salient features of the collaboration include:

  • Encourage members of both the organisations to take active membership and participation in the other organisation.
  • ICCC and IITAC agree to apply member rates for members of each organisation should they wish to participate in any event organised by either organisations.
  • Work cooperatively to identify and explore business and career opportunities between ICCC and IITAC members.
  • Jointly work to identify and create bilateral economic, technical and business opportunities between Canada and India.
  • Promote direct company to company linkages and promotions between ICCC and IITAC business members.
  • Develop ways that companies can reduce risk of entering bilateral business relationships between India and Canadian markets or any territories like US.
  • Be advocates to the Canadian Government on policies that hinder the development of business and technology linkages between Indian and Canadian companies.
  • Be an effective forum for networking, exchanging ideas and information and advancing the interests of the ICCC and IITAC.
  • Provide a business or career match-making service identifying opportunities to the benefit of respective ICCC and IITAC members and qualify potential collaborators.
  • Access and offer market intelligence on business sectors, industries and companies to ICCC and IITAC members.
  • Provide information on Canadian and Indian trade fairs, missions, seminars and other business-related events to ICCC and IITAC members.
  • Work collaboratively with Government to address members’ needs and the trade and profession related barriers they encounter.
 Photographs of the signing ceremony

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