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ICCC Weekly Newsletter – 17 November 2021

17 Nov 2021 10:07 AM | Anonymous

Canada - India & the Indo-Pacific Region

By Rakesh Joshi

ICCC's statement on the Indo-Pacific region read by Rakesh Joshi, ICCC's Vice President & Director, Legal & Government Affairs, at ICCC's Meet & Greet Program with Federal Members of Parliament on 12 November 2021

We had our Chamber’s elections in October, and we now have a new board. The new board is keen to develop relations with the federal leaders of all political parties to push for a policy framework that promotes the interests of Canada and India, and is non-partisan.

Before I commence with my statement on policy framework, I want to emphasize that the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce is a Canadian organization, and we believe in Canadian values. We respect differences in people, including protected grounds as per the Ontario Human Rights Code as amended from time to time.

These include age, ancestry, colour, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, disability, family status, marital status, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation etc.

The new political and economic reality is that trade has emerged as the determining factor in building and maintaining all relationships between nations. So, even when nations differ politically on important matters, they continue to trade. All will agree that this a wholesome development.

As a Chamber of Commerce, we are committed to free trade that is regulated to ensure the interest of a nation and its people are protected. Canada is a trading nation, and should trade more, and trade with more nations.

We must understand and acknowledge that political factors determine economic decisions.

One of the biggest emerging geopolitical concerns globally is the Indo-Pacific region.

Over the last couple of years, democratic nations have forged alliances to work together to promote democratic values, and free trade that breaks any existing or emerging monopolies in the region and globally.

Our countries share the same concerns in the Indo-Pacific region. And while India is already an important player in the emerging political and economic alliances in the region, Canada is yet to decide about the nature and extent its involvement.

On the face of it, this is a natural and obvious decision: Canada shares the same values that the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and India believe in. These nations have formed two significant alliances in the region, and for Canada to be part of any of these two alliances is a natural fit.

We as the only bilateral Chamber of Commerce fostering Canada – India trade and investment relations are of the view that the present is the most opportune time for both the countries to break free of the shackles of the past and build a new relationship that is based on common interest and a shared vision of the future.

I urge all the Members of Parliament who are present here today to help our Chamber forge new grounds in building Canada – India ties that reflect their need for each other.

Canada - India trade & the ICCC

By Virender Rathi

ICCC's statement on promoting bilateral trade and investment relations between Canada and India read by Virender Rathi, Corporate Secretary, at the felicitation program of Consul General Apoorva Srivastava on 11 November 2021

From 2019 onwards, the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce has taken a conscious decision of focusing on the core mandate of fostering bilateral trade between Canada and India, and helping small businesses in Canada and India hook up.

In support of the Indian government’s broad-based political process in Jammu and Kashmir following the revocation of its special status, our Chamber organized two virtual buyer-seller meetings in collaboration with the Indian Consulate and the Jammu and Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization. The first was to promote exports of Kashmiri handlooms and handicrafts, and the second was to promote Kashmiri agro and food products. Both the programs drew tremendous response both from Kashmiri exporters and Canadian importers.

In support of the farm reforms, our Chamber organized a webinar, featuring the Premier of Saskatchewan Honourable Scott Moe and the Indian High Commissioner His Excellency Ajay Bisaria. Let me emphasize that while our Chamber is politically non-partisan, it has always supported pro-business policies irrespective of which government introduces it. We believe that the farm reforms will have far reaching benefits for the Indian economy.

In addition, we also collaborated with the Indian Consulate and the Council for Leather Exports India to organize a leather products buyer-seller meet, where we also involved the Luggage, Leathergoods, handbags and accessories association of Canada. Again, this event attracted unprecedented participation both from Indian importers and Canadian exporters and investors.

The new board that has taken charge in mid-October is committed to continuing our Chamber’s focus of promoting bilateral trade. On advice of the His Excellency Ajay Bisaria, India’s High Commissioner to Canada, we have launched a start up initiative, and the first program is being organized on 28 November when we will be collaborating with BRTSIF to showcase 10 Indian startups.

BRTSIF is a foundation set up by Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Ltd. and BIL Ryerson Futures Pvt. Ltd. to promote startups and support the Government of India’s vision for entrepreneurship development and innovation culture. In collaboration with the Indian Consulate, we are also organizing a virtual buyer-seller meet for Indian tea. There is a growing market for fine tea in North America, and we are keen to build a presence for India tea, especially in the niche market.

On the anvil are joint programs with the Indian states and Canadian provinces. We will build the foundation we had laid in 2020 when we had organized a joint session between Uttar Pradesh and Ontario. We will plan the second instalment of this collaboration in early 2022. Another planned interaction is between Maharashtra and Quebec. They have a long-standing trade collaboration agreement and our Chamber in association with the Indian Consulate will be organizing a virtual meet in 2022.

Our Chamber is committed to Canada – India bilateral trade and investment relations, and we will seek all opportunities that our stakeholders provide to us to continue making incremental progress to this effort.

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Programs & Events

Past Events

CG Apoorva Srivastava's felicitation by ICCC's new board

L to R: Arjun Jasjua, Arvind Bhardwaj, Virender Rathi, Ripudaman Singh Dhillon, Apoorva Srivastava, Sheelu Sharma, Sanjay Kulkarni, Rakesh Joshi and Chirag Shah

The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce's newly elected board organized a felicitation function on 11 November 2021 to acknowledge the superlative role of Mrs. Apoorva Srivastava, the Consul General of India in Toronto to promote India - Canada bilateral relations.

Ripudaman Singh Dhillon, President, ICCC, said, “Since she has arrived in Canada in September 2019, Apoorva ji has proven to be a dedicated and committed diplomat focussed on enhancing all aspects of bilateral relations between Canada and India. Moreover, she has built a strong network among the Indo-Canadian community. We have seen her participate in big and small programs organized by the community. She has also galvanized the Consulate to assist the international students from India.”

He outlined the long sustaining and mutually beneficial relationship with the Indian Consulate, and emphasized how the CG has played a pivotal role in working with the ICCC to enhance bilateral trade and investments between Canada and India. “With her support, we have hosted two multisector business delegations from India during the pre-pandemic days. During the pandemic, we worked together to organize webinars on India’s new education policy, providing assistance to international student during the Covid-19 pandemic, tackling the second wave of the pandemic in India, the growth-focused Indian budget, and several other programs that attracted many participants,” he said.


Meet & Greet with Members of Parliament

ICCC group with MPs

Sonia Sidhu Ruby Sahota
Iqwinder Gaheer
Paul Chiang
Shafqat Ali

The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) organized a Meet & Greet program with Canada’s Members of Parliament. Among those who participated in the program included Hon. Sonia Sidhu, MP, Brampton South; Ruby Sahota, MP, Brampton North; Iqwinder Gaheer, MP, Mississauga – Malton; Paul Chiang, MP, Markham – Unionville; and Shafqat Ali, MP, Brampton Centre.

On the occasion, Ripudaman Singh Dhillon, President, ICCC, said, “The steady growth of the Indo-Canadian community is a matter of pride for us. A good example of the growing significance of our community is the number of Indo-Canadians in public services. In the last federal elections, 49 Indo-Canadians, representing all political views, contested elections, and a record 23 of them got elected to the federal parliament. This is a Canadian achievement. It is a testament to the distinctive nature of the Canadian ethos that it welcomes everyone from all corners of the world and makes place for them. And, it is not just in the political arena that Indo-Canadians have emerged as a force. In all spheres of the Canadian society, whether it be business, corporate, academics, culture, the arts, all the major professions, our community is making its presence felt.”


Upcoming Events

Program Announcement from ICCC's Partner in Success

Brampton Sponsorship Forum

On November 25th, 2021 at 8:00 a.m. the City of Brampton will host its third annual Sponsorship Forum! We are thrilled to announce industry leader and expert Mark Harrison, founder of the T1 Agency, SponsorshipX Conference and Black Talent Initiative, as our keynote speaker.

Mark will provide a unique lens for your approach to sponsorship that will equip you with a blueprint to prepare your organization to answer the increasingly loud demands of stakeholders in 2022 and beyond.

Register on website


Launch of ICCC's Startup Initiative

9:30 am EST

Sunday 28 November 2021

The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) and in collaboration with BRTSIF is organizing a virtual meeting between Indian startups and Canadian investors and service providers.

This virtual event will be of 90 min duration. 15-20 minutes for initial formalities and then 70 minutes for 7 startups to make their presentations.

The startups need help in these areas:

  • Banking and supply of capital
  • Mentorship
  • Immigration (business visas)
  • Help to set up business
  • General business help

If you are interested in participating in this program, please write to Sanjay Kulkarni at strategy@iccconline.org

BRTSIF is a foundation set up by Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Ltd. and BIL Ryerson Futures Pvt. Ltd. to promote startups and support the government of India’s vision for entrepreneurship development and innovation culture.

ICCC will be Partner Organization at
10th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2022

The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce will continue its tradition of being a Partner Organization at Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2022. The linkage between ICCC and Vibrant Gujarat began since the inception of the global summit. Traditionally, the ICCC has led a delegation to the event.

Government of Gujarat is organizing the 10th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit scheduled on 10-11-12 January 2022 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat and will be inaugurated by Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on 10 January 2022 in the august presence of Heads of States, Ministers and senior dignitaries of other countries, Ministers from Government of India, Global CEOs, Representatives from Multilateral Organizations and Thought Leaders. The Summit presents a unique opportunity to address shared contemporary challenges and chart a path forward for global sustainable development by augmenting international cooperation and partnerships.

Read more: Vibrant Gujarat

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