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An Appeal for India - Part I

01 May 2021 2:27 PM | Anonymous

An Appeal for India

Updated Additional List of Organizations



Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce


As a Canadian organization, the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce adheres both in letter and in spirit to Canadian laws and values, and support and respect cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity of the Canadian society. In the spirit of non-partisanship and in accordance to Canadian values of multiculturalism, the ICCC provides a list of organizations that are at present working on raising resources for India to fight the resurgence of Covid-19.

The ICCC encourages its Members and stakeholders to contribute directly to any of these organisations.  

Canadian Red Cross Covid-19 Response in India

The images and stories coming out of India are heartbreaking. Patients lined up outside of hospitals waiting for care. Supplies of medical oxygen and beds are dwindling. Health workers and ambulances services are limited. India is currently facing a massive surge in cases of COVID-19. The situation is critical. The sharp increase in cases is putting immense pressure on India’s healthcare system and the Indian Red Cross Society is working hard to help alleviate the burden.

Website: Canada Red Cross

Donate: Canada Red Cross - India Covid-19 Relief

The Canadian Red Cross is working directly with the Indian Red Cross in providing relief.

Donate: Indian Red Cross

Download flyer: Canadian Red Cross

Oxfam COVID-19 Response in India

Oxfam India is procuring oxygen tanks, beds, digital thermometers, and other medical equipment to help government hospitals where supplies are desperately low. We are also preparing to provide food rations and cash support to stranded migrant workers and other marginalized groups, and handwashing stations in public spaces. Your donation to Oxfam today will go directly to this response.

Website: Oxfam Canada 

Donate: Oxfam Canada - India Covid-19 Relief

Plan International Canada Covid-19 Response in India

India has declared a state of emergency, with a deadly second wave of COVID-19 reaching grave proportions. With the country setting global records as one of the most pandemic-plagued nations in the world, millions of lives are now at stake.

Donate now to stop COVID-19 from spreading further and claiming more lives.

Website: Plan International Canada 

Donate: Plan International Canada - India Covid-19 Relief

UNICEF Canada Covid-19 Response in India

Your donation will help UNICEF supply life-saving medical oxygen and testing machines in the most affected districts in India. A second wave of COVID-19 is wreaking havoc throughout India. The loss of life is tragic and catastrophic — with nearly two deaths every minute. Growing exponentially every day, this recent COVID-19 outbreak is recording the highest count of new cases, more than any other country throughout the entire pandemic. The new surge in COVID-19 cases is also seeing more young people including children fall ill. Hospitals and health centres across the country are overwhelmed with hospital beds, essential drugs and oxygen running out. People are desperate for urgent care.

Website: Unicef Canada 

Donate: Unicef Canada India Covid-19 Relief

Save the Children Covid-19 Response in India

Due to the ongoing record surge in COVID-19 cases, millions of children in India are being pushed deeper into poverty and facing many other life-threatening risks.

Website: Save the Children 

Donate: Save the Children India Covid-19 Relief

HelpAge Canada Covid-19 Response in India

As India fights to stay afloat amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, the elderly are struggling to simply survive. Older persons have been the worst hit, as they are the most vulnerable especially those above 80 years of age who are at a high risk of succumbing to COVID-19. Older persons in Indian are in urgent need for awareness raising, food packages, hygiene kits, personal health support, water, sanitation, hygiene and vaccine support. We need to help India fight this pandemic.

Website: HelpAge Canada 

Donate: HelpAge Canada India Covid-19 Relief

Vraj Community Services

Vraj Community Services in collaboration with South Asian Health Network and other affiliates have started a drive to send to India directly to the severely affected Hospitals the ‘Oxygen Generators with 8 Litres or More capacity’. The drive is underway in full swing. The intent is to have at least 500 Heavy Duty Generators delivered with a minimum of delay. The manufacturers of the equipment have already been contacted.

The cost of each generator is approx CDN $320.00. We have contacted a credible NGO in India who will coordinate our efforts to ensure the even distribution to the affected Hospitals.

We are seeking the help of donors for contributing to this humanitarian cause. The donors will receive the Canadian Charitable Donation receipt with full transparency and the confirmation of the delivery.

Payment Method for Canada - Vraj Community Services

Please click here: Vraj Donations 

E-transfer to Vraj Community

Charitable tax receipts will be provided

International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF) Covid-19 Response in India

India is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. On April 24th, 2021 almost 350,000 new COVID-19 cases were reported. India has the highest daily infection rate of any country. Over 2,600 people in India are losing their lives to the virus each day, with the nation on track to surpass over 200,000 COVID-19 linked deaths by April 30th.

IDRF is helping build capacity of hospitals and medical centres that are treating COVID-19 patients in states like Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. As part of the initial response: 11 hospitals have been identified and will be supplied with essential bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) ventilation systems. Beds and other medical equipment will be provided to these hospitals. Medication and food packages will be provided to hospitals, and families of COVID-19 patients across India. These essential packages are helping patients and their families sustain their basic needs as they fight this devastating virus.

Website: IDRF 

Donate (Zakat eligible): IDRF India Covid-19 Relief

Khalsa Aid Oxygen Concentrator Appeal

Khalsa Aid is appealing for donations of Oxygen Concentrator machines for India

Donate in Canada: Khalsa Aid / Email

Currently unable to provide tax receipts in Canada

World Vision Covid-19 Response in India

COVID-19 cases are surging across India, putting girls and boys, and their families, at risk. Official reports show the daily infection rate is over 360,000, and daily deaths are over 3,000. Hospitals are overwhelmed and life-saving supplies such as oxygen are in short supply.

Your contribution to World Vision’s COVID-19 emergency response in India will help:

  • Strengthen and equip health care systems with items such as oxygen concentrators, beds and tents;
  • Create awareness around the importance of the vaccine, and;
  • Provide psychosocial support to vulnerable girls, boys, and their families, and more.

Website: World Vision

Donate: World Vision India Covid-19 Relief

Sanatan Mandir Community Centre

Covid-19 Response in India

As India battles the Covid-19 Pandemic, Indian peoples are facing unforeseen challenges. In India, Covid-19 has strained healthcare systems and resources for those in need. The Oxygen supply has limited to the lowest point and lives are lost every minute. Sanatan Mandir has decided to send a minimum 100 Oxygen Concentrators. Please donate generously, Contact any of the committee members. The donors will receive the Sanatan Mandir donation receipt. Donation must be paid online, or by cheque or e Transfer within 24 hours of your commitment.

Pankaj Shah - (647) 274-1107

Mahesh Chokshi - (416) 417-9119

Haresh Mehta-(416) 846 8002

Website: SMCC 

Donate: SMCC India Covid-19 Relief

Ekal Canada Covid-19 Response in India

Ekal has been successful in keeping 100,000 Ekal villages with population of 100 million people safe until recently.  We are sorry to share that epidemic has now begun to infiltrate Ekal villages. Most of Ekal villages are very remote, and generally do not have easy access to medical facilities.  A large team of Ekal workers is trying hard to prevent and control epidemic in these villages.   Ekal needs funds for prevention and control of epidemic in these villages. We need your support. Funds requirement for the above is huge. Ekal Canada has already committed to send $100,000 within days. Donations can be made online by eTransfer at info@ekal.ca, or at Ekal website www.ekal.ca. ; Tax receipt will be issued for these donations.  Will be pleased to answer any questions.

Website: Ekal Canada 

Donate: Ekal Canada India Covid-19 Relief

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