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ICCC Weekly Newsletter - 24 April 2021

24 Apr 2021 5:20 PM | Anonymous

ICCC Weekly Newsletter- 24 April 2021


India is amid a devastating second wave of COVID-19 with cases and deaths skyrocketing, and more than a quarter million cases being recorded every day.

The new variant of the virus that is supposed to be behind the resurgence is called B.1.617. Globally, epidemiologists concur that it is too early to say whether B.1.617 is responsible for the rapid increase in infections, but it is being treated as a possible cause. Following its outbreak in India, health authorities have detected variant B.1.617 in Canada, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the US, Australia and Singapore.

According to Kristian Andersen, an infectious disease scientist of California-based Scripps Research Institute, quoted by US-based National Public Radio (NPR), the present situation in India sounds remarkably similar to what happened in Brazil, South Africa and Iran.

“These countries already had a lot of people infected [in the first wave], and there was a sense that the country had reached some level of herd immunity, but then, over time, as people's immunity waned, more contagious variants came along and sparked another surge.”

The NPR report states that preliminary evidence suggests that B1.617 is more contagious than previous strains of the virus. B.1.617 is also spreading quickly in India. Over the past few months, it has become the dominant strain in Maharashtra, Nature has reported.

Read more:

The Covid-19 variant from India – what we know so far (link)

People Are Talking About A 'Double Mutant' Variant In India. What Does That Mean? (link)

What we know about the coronavirus variant contributing to India's surging caseload (link)

An Appeal for India

Vijay Thomas

The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) has taken the initiative in Canada to reach out to its stakeholders with an appeal for India.

India is dire need of

  • Oxygen cylinders with 10 litres and 45 litres LMO capacity
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Urgent need of Remdisivir – quantities available may also be shared
  • In addition, any offer of Oxygen Generator plants might also be conveyed

If you can provide these, please send an urgent e-mail to iccc@iccconline.org


ICCC's Virtual Trade Mission to India

11 June 2021 to 25 June 2021

10 States

Key Sectors

Delegate Benefits

Sponsor Benefits

Download presentation: CONNEXT 2021

Click here for details: CONNEXT 2021

Click here to register: Delegate Registration

Technology Partner

Partner in Success


ICCC Partners with TEMA

The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association of India (TEMA).

TEMA will come on board as a Partner Organization for CONNEXT 2021 – ICCC’s 10 Days-10 States Virtual Trade Mission to India from June 11 to June 25, 2021.

Welcoming the signing of the MoU, Vijay Thomas, President of ICCC, said, “We are delighted with our association with TEMA. It is India's first and oldest association in Indian Telecom Sector. TEMA has more than 48,500 members and MoUs with 74 organizations globally through the CMAI association of India. The new collaboration will help our Chamber foray afresh into Telecom and ICT, Education, Cyber Security, Skill development, Innovation and Start-Up ecosystem.”

Prof. N. K. Goyal, Chairman Emeritus, TEMA, responding with alacrity and enthusiasm, said, “TEMA will work closely with ICCC to offer cutting-edge programs in diverse spheres such as cyber security, new technologies, railway telecom VSS technologies, education in new technologies, educational programs, and 6G Cooperation Program.” He added, “Our focus will also be to jointly promote AtmaNibhar Bharat, Make in India, Investment and manufacturing in Telecom, ICT, Railways, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Agriculture, Video Surveillance, Smart Cities.”

Read more: ICCC Partners with TEMA

Past Programs and Events

Canada's Budget: High on Expectations,
but will it deliver?

On 22 April 2021, as part of its continuing Thursday Talks Webinar Series, the ICCC organized a panel discussion on Canada's Budget with Daniel Schwanen, Vice President, C D Howe Institute, and Jennifer Poon, Director, Advanced Planning, Scotiabank. The session gave an opportunity have a fact-based debate to discuss the socioeconomic impact of the budget.

Watch the recording of the Webinar: Canada's Budget

Media Coverage of ICCC Webinar

India's Hindustan Times and Toronto's Weekly Voice prominently covered the webinar on India's farm reforms

Read the HT report: (link)

In the News

ICCC President Vijay Thomas on CBC's National

David Cochrane of CBC's National spoke to ICCC President Vijay Thomas about Canada's decision to impose temporary travel restrictions on India following the resurgence of the pandemic. Watch the news clip here: ICCC President on CBC

ICCC President Vijay Thomas in La Press+

La Presse +, Canada’s leading French language online news portal, published from Montreal, Quebec, quoted Vijay Thomas, President, ICCC, on a news report on the coverage of the sudden resurgence of the pandemic in India.

Le président de la Chambre de commerce Indo-Canada, Vijay Thomas, a pour sa part condamné « l’interprétation raciste que le Journal de Montréal fait d’une situation sanitaire d’urgence qui ne frappe pas que l’Inde, mais plusieurs parties du monde ».

« À une époque où les citoyens et les gouvernements travaillent ensemble pour rapidement contrôler la résurgence du virus, il nous appartient à tous, en tant que citoyens du monde, de nous unir et de combattre cette crise [ensemble] », a-t-il dit.

The president of the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce, Vijay Thomas, for his part condemned "the racist interpretation that the Journal de Montreal makes of an emergency health situation which does not strike only India, but several parties. of the world ".

“At a time when citizens and governments are working together to quickly control the resurgence of the virus, it is up to all of us, as citizens of the world, to unite and fight this crisis [together],” he said.

Read the news report: (link)

Read the full statement: (link)


Canada Budget 2021 provisions for small businesses

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government acted swiftly to provide support to protect Canadians and support people and businesses, adapting its response as the pandemic evolved. The government's broad suite of support measures has helped families, protected jobs, and supported businesses across Canada. More than eight of every ten dollars spent to fight COVID-19 and support Canadians continues to come from the federal government.

This has, in many ways, been a two-speed recession. There have been businesses that have managed to adapt to the pandemic and to prosper. But others have been shut down outright by necessary public health restrictions or deeply limited in what they can do—and many of these highly affected businesses have been our small businesses. We need them to get back on their feet. They are the backbone of our economy, our main streets, and our communities.

Read more: 2021 budget provisions for small business (link)


India crosses landmark 140 million COVID-19 vaccine doses

India becomes the fastest country to administer 140 million doses of COVID-19 Vaccine in just 99 days. Also, the country has administered more than 24 lakh vaccine doses administered till 8 pm today.

The cumulative number of COVID19 vaccine doses administered in the country stands at 14,08,02,794 as per the 8 pm provisional report today.

These include 92,89,621 Healthcare Workers (HCWs) who have taken the 1st dose and 59,94,401 HCWs who have taken the 2nd dose, 1,19,42,233 Frontline Workers (FLWs) (1st dose), 62,77,797 FLWs (2nd dose), 4,76,41,992 for over 45 years old to 60 years old (1st Dose), 23,22,480 for over 45 years old to 60 years old (2nd dose), 4,96,32,245 for above 60 years (1st Dose) and 77,02,025 for above 60 years (2nd Dose).

Read more: India crosses 140 million doses (link)

Welcome to new members

The ICCC Board Approved the following new member applications


Ripudaman Singh Dhillon

Vikas Sharma


Amar Singh Bhullar

Anil Dasratha

Abhishek Khurana

DK Natarajan Udhaykumar

Youth Membership

At a Meeting held recently, the Board of Directors decided that from January 2021, Youth Membership would be restricted to University and College students only. All Youth Members will have to provide proof of being a valid student in a Canadian educational institution.  

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