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ICCC Webinar Series - Knowledge on the Go

We branched out into a web series called Knowledge on the Go, where we explored sectors that are growing quietly and acquiring a strong presence in the Canadian economy, such as cannabis, alternative energy, the ethnic media, cybersecurity and paywalls. 

Here are the videos of the webinar series.


 Ontario-Jammu & Kashmir Buyers-Sellers Meeting

 Values-Driven Leadership
(26 February)
 ICCC Annual Real Estate Roundtable
(25 February)

Knowledge on the Go: Insights into the 2021-22 Indian Budget
(06 February)
Knowledge on the Go: Energy Conservation for Ontario Businesses
(28 January)

Knowledge on the Go: Climate & Energy Conservation
(02 June)
Turning Setbacks into Comebacks: Shiv Khera
(29 May) 

Knowledge on the Go: Cannabis in Canada
(26 May)
Knowledge on the Go: Rise & Relevance of Canada's Ethnic Media
(19 May)

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