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Natural Resources & Environment

Committee Members:

Ashraf Ali

Pappur Shankar

Surinder Sharma

Natural Resources & Environment (NRE) Committee would serve as focal point for promoting trade and investment between Canada and India in the environmental, mining, mineral and natural resource sector development and to provide a collaborative platform for networking and sharing market intelligence.


  • To provide a platform for ICCC members to share information and exchange views about industry issues, stay abreast of industry trends and developments, and network with other industry players.
  • To explore, understand, identify and provide constructive pathway for many fields of cooperation in various aspects of the sector, and to facilitate nurturing of co-operation amongst potential entities on both sides and also the maturing of such co-operation into fruitful businesses.
  • To provide community consultation protocols and practises from Canadian experiences for engaging indigenous peoples.
  • To attract and encourage investment from the Indian investors to Canada and promote the export of transformative mining technologies from Canada to India.
  • Where required, assist federal and provincial ministerial delegations with business contacts in India. 
  • To create bridge and connect decision makers and policy makers on both the sides so that a practical and positive environment is made for such business ties to grow, resulting in increase in bilateral trade in the energy sector.
  • To enhance the sector knowledge of ICCC members through monthly meetings, forums and special events; support ICCC in submitting a response or an advocacy position on regulatory and other industry-related issues by drafting the relevant documents and to advocate environmentally friendly and efficient energy technologies and government policy.

    Vancouver • Calgary • Winnipeg • Toronto • Ottawa • Montreal • Halifax