ICCC Newsletter - October 2017

15 Oct 2017 10:00 AM | Mayank Bhatt (Administrator)
ICCC Newsletter  
October 2017  
Letter from the President
 Kanwar Dhanjal

As the new President of the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce,  I offer a pledge to all its members, stakeholders and sponsors: Your new board will bring about constructive changes in our four-decades-old institution that we all proud of.

Our new board comprises a fundamental shift in the composition of the Chamber’s leadership – we are all relatively new to the Chamber, all of us have been involved with the Chamber for just about a decade, or even less. This is significant considering that over the last four decades of the Chamber’s history, its leadership has comprised of a small group.

Our leadership represents a new dawn in the Chamber’s history. We will encourage and reinforce this trend in the Chamber’s operations by encouraging new members to take up pole positions in our committees – both statutory and non-statutory.

This proposal neatly dovetails with our board’s plan to go full throttle ahead with membership engagement. We will customise our programming so that it appeals to specific segments of our membership. This will ensure that members from different professional and entrepreneurial backgrounds find resonance with our programs and become more active in participating in the Chamber’s activities.

In simple terms, this will ensure that you won’t see the same faces at all our programs.

Member engagement will also mean providing value through our affinity program. Soon, we will be announcing a slew of affiliations and associations with service providers who will offer substantial benefits in terms of dollar value to members of the Chamber.  

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Meet your new board
From Left to Right (Seated): Ajay Tandon, Devika Penekelapati, Kanwar Dhanjal, Pramod Goyal, Abubakkar Noohujohn, 
(Standing): Tauseef Sheikh, Naresh Chavda, Pranav Patel, Sanjay Brahmbhatt
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Renegotiating NAFTA in the Era of Trump

Keeping the Trade Liberalization In and the Protectionism Out

By Simon Lester, Inu Manak, and Daniel Ikenson

CATO Working Paper

When the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) came into force in January 1994, it was a ground breaking achievement. It eliminated nearly all tariffs among three significant trading partners and achieved liberalization on a wide range of other issues (some of which had never before been included in trade agreements). Now the United States, Canada, and Mexico are about to begin a historic renegotiation of NAFTA.

The proposal to renegotiate NAFTA may have been motivated by protectionist objectives. But there is potential to minimize or even avert protectionist outcomes. In the end, renegotiation presents the opportunity to modernize, fix, and expand the rules of NAFTA, and produce a “freer” free trade agreement, which would be good for the North American economy.
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